Monday, June 30, 2008

Some of My Digital Scrapbook Pages

Doesn't this just capture childhood fun? My daughter asked if she could play in the waterhose and the next thing we knew our neighbor's little boy was over playing with her. These two act like brother and sister. They both had so much fun that afternoon.
This was when Lexi's class led their school's monthly "Celebration Assembly". It is a monthy assembly where there is always a song and performance by a class, several awards are given out, birthday's are honored and so forth. They are always a lot of fun.

This was from a Valentine's Party in her second grade classroom. Nuff said on that.

This was a visit to our local Pumpkin Patch. It is a neat place. They have a feeding zoo, hay ride, lots of pumpkins to look through (cause you know you have to find the perfect one!), and a maze to get through.

I just recently got some digital scrapbooking software after having a hard time "keeping up" with my homemade pages. I don't have a dedicated space in my home so everytime I wanted to work on scrapbooking pages I had to drag everything out, try to get what I could done, put it all back up, well...... sometimes the inspiration just left me and I was getting further and further behind. I will still do some homemade pages (cause they are just fun to do!) but now I am keeping up with our memories as they happen. I just love it!!


Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun to be able to do your pages on line. Much less trouble getting everything out.

But there really is nothing like like getting to play with all your supplies so doing it once in awhile is nice.

I like the idea of being able to keep everything on line. That way you don't have to find places for the books.


Jill Scott said...

Darlene, I love your pages. The fall page is my favorite, but that's probably because it's my favorite season. Do you get your pages printed and bound as a book, or do you print them out individually and slide them into albums. I'm going the book route because I think it's cheaper in the end, and it takes up less space.