Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!!

How exciting, I've been tagged......... Brandee at The Berry's Patch http://www.veryberrynice.blogspot.com/, has tagged me. This is my first time to be tagged.

Here are 6 unimportant things about me:

  1. I dance around to disco music when I clean house.

  2. I love watching TRU-TV (used to be Court TV).

  3. Mexican food is my favorite food of all!

  4. I am a boring, bookworm-ish person that has no problem being alone.

  5. Crystal Light Peach Tea is my favorite summertime drink.

  6. I drive a red convertible.

Thank you Brandee for tagging me and I would like to tag:

Tiffany at Songbirdtiff http://www.songbirdtiff.blogspot.com/

Shannon at Bless Our Nest http://www.thedavisfamilynwa.blogspot.com/

Susie at Bienvenue http://www.susieharris.blogspot.com/

All three of these lovely ladies are on my favorites list and since I don't know how to make it show like it does over there on the side, I linked it the way I know how.

Anyway, tag you three are it!!


Anonymous said...


I would love to see you dance around to disco music. Could you have your husband YouTube it? Kidding! I too love mexican food, being alone and reading. I'll have to try your Peach Tea (sounds yummy). And I really WANT to drive a red convertible. We have a lot in common.

I can't wait to see what the people you tagged have to say! Thanks for playing along!

Brandee :-)

Shannon said...

You are too funny dancing to disco music!! :) Thanks for the tag. I'll go work on that post and have it up in a few days! This should be fun!

Songbirdtiff said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get to work on my post, too. :)

Joy said...

Okay, I'm impressed---You drive a red convertible, and you have a sweet blog favorites list. How cool are you!

Jeanne said...

Hi Darlene, I came over to say thank you for visiting me. Your poodles are so cute. Our RV is a fifth wheel too. We love the comfort of it very much. Gas is a consideration, since our truck is diesel. have a great camping trip.


Jeanne said...

Me again. I just went back to your post to read your meme and loved your answers. I do remember your poodles from pet day. Lucy and the squirrel.

Jeanne, again, smile.

Susie Harris said...

Now thats what I would love to see... you dancing around while cleaning...smile! Thank you for your punkin' order.. I will have that baby to you in a jiffy... I have been tagged... Now lets see...What have I not yet told yall, hehe.. thanks again darlene. take care, Susie h~

Jan & Tom's Place said...


How boring can driving a red convertible be? LOL!!

Thanks for the visit and entering our contest!


Susie Harris said...

Girlfriend! You must wake up with the chickens... It's always a joy to stumble to my computer and see your little name... puts a smile on my face. So sure I would love to come to your house... one day if the price of gas ever goes down.... Take care, Susie H~