Monday, July 28, 2008

Mantle (or lack of) Decor???

I have been so inspired by every one's beautiful homes that I am taking notice of mine and trying to "feather my nest" a little better. Our home is Spanish style, and though I am not fond of that style, it is what we ended up with and we love our location. We have updated some in the inside, but we have this whole huge wall that is brick (the same brick as on the outside of the house). Anyway, this is the mantle, and after seeing some of yours I want to make a mantle with molding and trim for a better look (we have talked about it before but it has never gotten done).
Anyway, what do you think about my display? The column with the candle is the one I got from Hobby Lobby and spray painted black. The next picture just has the fleur de lis I got from Hobby Lobby and of course, painted, instead of the pointy thingy (who knows what that is called?) Do you like the first one or second one better and do you have any suggestions? I LOVE all the bird nests with eggs and have won some from e-bay. I am thinking about putting a nest w/eggs in the greenery and maybe a birdie. I also have ordered a tassel from Susie and I think I am going to hang it on the plate holder that is holding the round iron. I had the pumpkin one hanging there (on the far right) and it looked really cute, but it is not time for that one
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and believe me I won't get offended.


Jan said...

I would make a wood mantle over the ledge part to make a separation of the brick. You could paint it or stain it whatever.

I had one sort of like that and we painted the brick (I know) and then mada a mantle. It looked really nice.

I like your display alot though. Good job.

The Berry's Patch said...


I think your feathering your nest just fine! The arrangements on the mantle look great. If I had to choose, I would pick the second picture with the fleur de lis. I love that clock.

Brandee :-)

Blissful Nikki said...

I love both options, but I think option two looks best! :) I love the whole arrangement. you did a great job!

Christina said...

I like the second one best. But I'm not a decorator. LOL

Did you try grouping the fleur de lis with the candle on the right side of the mantle? That might look neat. At least in my head. Might look like poo in real life, though. HA!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And we have plenty of left overs. ;)

Joy said...

Love the fireplace and that clock is great! I think you did a great job.

Joy said...

I love that fireplace and really love the clock. Very pretty!

Shelia said...

Hi Darlene! Isn't it fun to get inspiration from each other? I really like the second picture of your mantle. Looks great!
Thanks for popping in to see my fish jugs!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Joy said...

OOOOOO a wood mantel would really make you fall in love with that fireplace! I, too, vote for the second option because your accents are all black. If I were at your house I would have the desire to move all of your black items into a grouping on one side, to balance out the visual weight of the plant and maybe put a little something under the plant to give it a bit more height---but that's just me, being me.

Shannon said...

I definately think a mantel piece would really break up all that brick and make your accessories stand out more. I blew up your pictures and I think I like #2 better. Have you tried moving the candle and fleur de lis together on one side with the ivy on the other side? Love that clock!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I would go for #2 also. How about a wooden mantel with wood down both sides made to look like an old fireplace mantel maybe with a little detail in the wood. I know this may not be making a lot of sense, because I am a visual person. I could draw it better than describe it to you.