Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some of My Potted Pretties




Tricia Anne said...

I love plumbago! I have not had it in years. It was tough to grow in Florida (in our yard, we had a lot of sand in our soil) and have always wanted to try it here. Aren't the flowers so pretty?

Joanne Kennedy said...

Beautiful flowers! Are they in your garden?

Thanks for the compliment on my flowers.

Gumpaste is made from sugar. You can eat it if you wanted but it doesn't taste good. It's really hard and will last for years.

It can be rolled very thin so it makes great flowers to put on cakes.


Nicole said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I've never been good at keeping flowers alive. I love your spray painted items below, that is such a great idea.

Bella said...

So pretty! I can't plant Caladium, the deer LOVE it! lol Which stinks because I do, too! You have quite the green thumb :)