Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've Been Book Tagged....

Lorrie from The View From My Door has tagged me with a book tag and it lists the rules right in the picture.
  1. I have loved to read books as far back as I can remember.
  2. My favorite series when I was growing up were Nancy Drew Mysteries.
  3. I read fiction and still love mysteries and suspense books, with an occasional romance thrown in.
  4. Some of my favorite authors are Harlan Coben, Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Clark and Danielle Steel.
  5. My newest favorite series is the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer....I am going to see if she has other books out, because I am sure I would enjoy them. Love her writing style!
  6. If I start a book and can't "get into it", I can take it right back to the library. I don't keep reading "hoping it will get better". They have to capture my attention within just a few chapters.
  7. I get most of my reading material from the library, but I do buy books from yard sales, garage sales, etc. cause I just LOVE having my own books around in my home.

I know I never play right by the tag rules anymore, so if you want this book tag, feel free to take it and post some random book facts on your blog.


Dawn said...

I always wanted more Nancy Drew books when I was young. When I would go to the store, I only found Trixie Belden (a similar sleuth!) and I read many of those!

You are one of the people who have me interested in reading the Twilight series. :)


take care,

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh, I still love Nancy Drew! I am reading them with my girls now.:) Harlan Coben is amazing! When are they going to make his mysteries into movies?? Twilight, be still my heart.:) Lori

Lynette said...

I've loved the new book tag - it was very fun. I'll have to check into the "Twilight" series that everyone is talking about on their blogs. I pretty much stick to romance - Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, etc., but everyone is raving about this one, I'll have to look into it!
Good hearing from you and glad your little pooch is doing well.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Darlene,
I do the same thing you mentioned in number 6!

I'm reading the first Twlight book now, and am enjoying it!

Great post!

Smilingsal said...

It's smart not to stick with a book you don't "get into to." I used to plow through no matter what. Now, I realize that there are too many good books just waiting for me to read, so I can chuck the bad ones.

Lorrie said...

Are you sad that you're done with the Twilight series? I hope the movie lives up to the hype!

Bo said...

Hi Darlene...I like what you said about giving up on a book if it doesn't grab you right away...I don't know how many movies I've wasted time on waiting for them to get better...never happened. ;-) Bo

Lisa Ann said...

You have an award waiting for you at my blog.

April said...

Loved reading your book tag answers. I was tagged by Lorrie, too, so I'm hoping to get around to it this week! I'm lagging behind!

Have a good rest of the evening and be sure to drop by my blog tomorrow. I'm having a giveaway for my 100th post!! Woo Hoo!!

AJ said...

You rule breaker:) Just had to comment that my daughter loves the newer Nancy Drew books:) I'm about half-way through the first Twilight book. So far so good;)

Susie Harris said...

I want more time in the day to read... I sure miss it~ Take care!

nikkicrumpet said...

I was a big Nancy Drew fan as a kid too..she was awesome! I also LOVE Harlan Coben. I started reading him with the Myron Bolitar series...then the newer ones. I love the Myron series...they are just so much fun. I wish he wrote faster!!! If you like him you might try Greg Isles and Kyle Mills...both are similar to Coben and both are very good!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Darlene~
That is a fun fact list! I absolutely LOVED Nancy Drew when I was growing up, and now our daughter is enjoying them! :) They are great books!

Marie said...

What a fun post! I LOVE Nancy Drew too! I have a box of those books in my garage. I can't get my daughter into them though... that depresses me. lol