Sunday, August 31, 2008


I've been tagged by my blogging friend Dawn at Dawn's Daybreak to name six unspectacular things about myself.

Here they are:
  1. I could eat Mexican food every day.
  2. I hiccup if I drink a big gulp of a soft drink.
  3. I work part-time outside of my home 3 hours a day.
  4. I hate talking on the phone.
  5. I hate to exercise.
  6. I am horrible at math and use a tip chart at restaurants.

I would like to pass this fun tag along to -

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These are all great blogs and I hope if you haven't visited them you will do so.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink Saturday Projects

I thought I would show you some of the projects from Lexi's room make over which I posted last Wednesday. See this pile of material scraps......
They became a luscious ragamuffin is approx. 40 inches long and full and fluffy.
Then we have scrapbook paper and wooden letters......they became......
this! Didn't they turn out cute! I also added some clear jewels for bling.
Here is one of the letters up close.....can you see the bling on it?
I also did a mistreatment for her windows. These were bright pink tab top panels and I added the zebra material along with black pom poms across the bottom, no sewing all with fabric glue.
Oh, and with all the hard work that went into Lexi's room make over, Lucy was just worn out and borrowed Lexi's soft pink throw to curl up and take a little nap with. Notice she still has her little pink bows in her hair.
Be sure to click on my Pink Saturday button for more Pink Saturday fun! Hope you all have a safe, fun holiday weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Garage Sale Lamp and Back to Black

First off, I want to thank everyone for all of your kind comments about Lexi's room. She read each and every one of them and just beamed. She LOVES her room and is so glad we shared it with all of you.

This was a picture I took of the frame (which I painted the apple green for Joy's party) and a lamp I found at a garage sale. I paid a little more than I normally do for the lamp.....$12.00 but I absolutely loved it and had to have it.
Here is a close up of the shade....cute, cute!
Here is a little cabinet that we purchased in Canton, Texas about 8 years ago....yes, probably 8 years ago and it has never been painted. It has been at the end of the hall all that time.Now here is my beautiful spray painted cabinet all dressed up in black. It was hard to take a good picture in this long hallway but it looks fabulous when you look down that hallway now. At the moment the little green picture is sitting on it too. It just pops down there!
Notice Tangie thought she needed in this picture!
Here is an up close picture.....isn't it darling now?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Day is Finally Here...Lexi's Room Make-Over

We are finally finished with Lexi's room make over. It is bright, bold and she absolutely LOVES it!! If you are scared of color this room is not for you.....

The bunk bed is on the wall to the right when you walk in her door. Bunk bed on top and full size futon on the bottom......will be great for sleep-overs and she feels quite grown up on her couch!

This is directly across from her bed. We purchased this piece because all of the armoire's were just too big for this room. Her room is very small. I believe it was called a door chest? Anyway, we took out one of the shelves and her TV is inside. There are also four drawers below for clothes, etc.
Coming on around the you see my mistreatments????? I am soooo excited, it is the first time I have ever done a mistreatment and Lexi just LOVES them. I also made a ragamuffin garland that is on top of the chest. We purchased pieces that will work in her room instead of the "normal" bedroom furniture. I want to put a large round or oval mirror with a white frame above this chest but we haven't found the right one yet. I also mistreated the closet.....yes the large mistreatment is her closet that had those tacky bi-fold doors that came out into the room and you couldn't easily get into her closet because they took up about a foot on each side....this makes it much easier to get inside her whole closet.
Then we have a tall bookcase with some little baskets inside it for her "stuff". Be sure to enlarge the pictures and look all around. I also made her name above the door. Wooden letters that were already white and I mod-podged scrapbook paper to them and also added some jeweled bling to them. We have also now put a full-length mirror on the wall behind the door (when it is open) with a white frame around it. The Diva must be able to look at herself when she gets dressed in the mornings.
Here is a picture of the top of her bed with her new bedding.....she came home and fell in love with it.
This is one more picture from standing in her doorway.

Well, we hoped you enjoyed the tour of Lexi's room make over. I asked Lexi what her favorite part of the room was and she said "all of it". She absolutely could not pick out one thing. She is in heaven and is pretty sure she has the coolest room in the whole fourth grade!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joy's Paint Outside the Box Party

This past week Joy challenged herself to not use black spray paint for a week. She could use other colors, just not black. Well, our talented Joy came up with some beautiful colors and she has decided to have a party for us so we can show what color we came up with, other than black. I found this picture frame at a garage sale for $2.00 and it was pretty cute, but I decided to go with a different color.

I am truly loving apple green and pear green with all of the black I have going on in my kitchen area, so I found this spray paint color. I can't find a color name on it but I was hoping it wasn't going to look like baby food strained peas or worse yet something that might come out of their diaper!
I decided to make my project into an art project so I took this picture.
Here is how it turned out. The color is alright, but I think I may need to tone it down a bit, (it is a brighter gloss shine than it comes out in the picture) maybe by distressing it or possibly putting a glaze on it (I've never done that). Overall though it was fun to "step out of the box" and use a different color than black. But, I still am very new to this spray painting so I'll probably stay with my beloved black for awhile longer.

Thanks Joy for hosting this fun party challenge. Be sure to stop by her blog Joys of Home to see every one's projects.
Oh, and by the way, Lexi's room is through!!! YEA!! As soon as her bedding arrives (hopefully within the next couple of days) I will post her bedroom re-do. We LOVE it and so does she.

An Award

I am so excited to receive this award from one of my newer blogging friends Nancy from Southern Lady . If you don't know her or haven't visited her....go take a look around. She has a beautiful home, shares recipes and yard sale finds and is just a delightful person. Thank you so much Nancy.
For this award I am to list six things that make me happy.
  1. My family and friends
  2. My animals
  3. Coffee with fat free hazelnut creamer
  4. Reading other blogs
  5. Mexican Food
  6. Shopping

I now am supposed to pass this award on to five more people and they are supposed to post on their blog who it came from and pass it along to five other people.

  1. Dawn from Dawn's Daybreak - She always has an uplifting, fun blog and I always enjoy reading what she has to say....she is also a teacher, she knits beautifully and she always shows beautiful pictures each Friday.
  2. Gretchen from Bird Nest Cottage - Gretchen is a very new blogging friend. I just love her blog. She shows her home and shares her life with us and she is just such a great blogging friend to me already always ready with a sweet comment.
  3. Robin from The Robin's Nest - Robin is also a new blogging friend. She shares amazing photos of hummingbirds and also many animals. She also does tutorials on crafts. I just love her blog.
  4. B.J. from BJ's Corner - This is Robin's mom and she paints the most amazing pictures. She also does tutorials....the last one on a moss topiary. She has not been blogging long but she has a great one.
  5. Kitty Scraps from A Bit of Fluff, Quite Messy Really... - She has such a fun blog. She is always showing us her crafts, yard sale or HL sale items (yes, she works at Hobby Lobby how cool is that), she also has a lovely home which she is showing us. She is also going to show us later this year how to properly "fluff" our trees. How cool is that!

Anyway, I love all of these blogs and always enjoy visiting them.....I hope you will visit them too.
And again, thank you Nancy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pink Saturday

Hello Pink Saturday friends. Well I took some more pictures at the fun, whimsical shop called The Cloverleaf. This is in the front in the middle of the horseshoe of pink bikes. The huge ice cream cone says Sugar Shack.

Isn't the top of the building fun....with the crowns and the pink stripes. Just look at all of the pink-ness!

I see some pink flamingos peeking out and a huge pink pot along with all kinds of other pink things.

Look at these pink iron dress forms. Oh, and there is a bike up there. See that pink birdcage?

Ut oh, what is this a naked aqua man......oh, close your eyes friends. Look at their pink striped fence and a pink stair type stand. This shop is always fun to browse around inside and out. They have rabbits, cats and usually a standard poodle inside and out back. They also have a big parrot that carries on all the time.

Hope you had fun touring the rest of this fun little place. Be sure to click on the Pink Saturday button at the left for more Pink Saturday fun!

Chalkboard Project and New Dining Table

Well, some of you might remember back in July, I found these at our local Habitat for Humanity store for .50 cents each. There were two this size and one another size. These had been on cabinets that had speakers inside them....notice how it is kind of a mesh.

Let me tell you, that black mesh was hard to pull out.....hubby finally took pity on me and ripped it all out for me.
My vision for these were to become chalkboards for the house. I had been seeing every one's chalkboards and I had to have some. This is at our front door. I was constantly putting a little note up with tape if I had to do anything out of the normal.....example if the dogs had to get groomed or Lexi needed to bring something to school. Otherwise, I just zip out the door and never think about it till ut oh, too late.
Everyone has been instructed to look at the board in the mornings and in the afternoons for any instructions or just a simple "How was your day" message. The other two are being used in our kitchen/eating area. I put a little shelf next to the chalkboards and I have put a ceramic pumpkin with all my chalk in it (you can see it in the next picture).

The next two pictures are of my eating area and my new dining room table. We have had our table for a long, long time and had been wanting one with black or all black.....well, since Lexi was getting new furniture, mom wanted something too...hee hee. I showed this to my hubby and he loved it and said let's get we did (please ignore the camera lens cap on the table...duh)!

Here is another picture of it. We got it Wednesday and love also will extend out for larger gatherings. At some point I want to replace the china cabinet but that will have to wait for now.

I think we will be through with Lexi's room this weekend and I will show you pictures on either Monday or Tuesday (as long as the bedding gets here).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're Not Gonna Believe the Price!!!

Today I stopped by a little place I'll call the "Junque" store. Since I have discovered it, I stop by occasionally and have only found one or two items which cost maybe .25 to .50 cents. Well, yesterday I hit the motherlode when I stopped by.
Here are more...I told you I got a bunch of cuties. The box will get a coat of black paint and new material and in the above photo I will paint the bottom of the dome white. Aren't all of these things great??? Well, the price was even better.........

Are you ready??? I paid a total with tax of $2.72....did you hear me $ joke! I just love having a thrifty shopping day like this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sneak Peek - Lexi's Room Re-do & "L" Project

We are working away on Lexi's room re-do. We put up a new white ceiling fan this weekend and painted baseboards and the windowsill white.

I painted these shelves.
These were the shelves I had used when I was into my country decorating and they had just been up on the walls and not in use. I could not find a hot pink spray paint anywhere in our town so I hand-painted a zillion coats of paint on these shelves.....okay maybe not a zillion but about three coats plus touch ups here and there. A lot of work, but oh it was worth it.

Lexi's room is going to be black and white with pink trims and accent pieces. We put black/white scrapbook paper behind each of the hearts.

These shelves now house all of her Webkinz, Ty beanie babies and any other little stuffed critter she has picked up. When she takes down some of her animals to play with the shelves look so cute with the black/white paper showing through.

Yes, the shelves are up near the will see why when we get her room all finished and revealed.......

I couldn't resist showing you the quilt and sham that we have ordered. Zebra stripe with the hot pink trimming. Isn't this whole room beautiful in the catalogue? We have a couple of pieces of furniture ordered which should be here Wednesday. I really want to get the whole room together with mistreatments and everything before I show you much more so please stay tuned. It is really turning out cute.

And last but not least, Joy posted a project titled Under Five Bucks & Under Five Minutes! Well, we have all been flattering her and doing our own projects from her tutorial. My plaque cost .97 and my letter was from a yard sale for .50. I had everything else. Can you tell who's room this "L" will be in?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thrifty Finds...

I thought I would share my yard sale finds with you. This small iron rooster was $3.25. The porcelain bunny was .75 and the letters (I've already used one, I'll show you tomorrow) were .50 each.

Doesn't the little rooster looking like he is crowing the loudest up there with the big guys?!?
Now I loved everything I found, but these have to be my favorite find. These two metal/iron pumpkins were $6.00 for both of them. Aren't they fabulous and they are BIG!!
Here is a large coffee can next to them so you can see the size. I was just about squealing with glee when I snatched those babies up.....hee hee. Anyway, I have an idea of what I will put in them but what would your ideas be? Nothing opens on the pumpkins so it is what will fit through the iron and the widest part of the openings are approx. 3 1/2 inches.
Tomorrow I will give you a few more glimpses of Lexi's room re-do. We have been working hard on that.