Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stratford, Oklahoma Peach Festival

Several weeks ago Lexi had a dance workshop and where we went was about 20 minutes away from the Stratford Peach Festival. I wanted to go, so after Lexi was through we went. Unfortunately, we didn't get there until about 4:45 p.m. and most everyone was closing up and taking down. I really wanted some peaches but all of those vendors were already gone. We did get some free peach ice cream because they were trying to get rid of it all. YUM!!!
Lexi was then ready for her favorite.....a shaved ice or we call them snowcones. She got grape.
What a great treat on a hot, summer day.
You could pay $50.00 per person and take a helicopter ride. We just watched.
When we left down one of the country roads this caught my eye. I made Alan turn around and go back so I could take a picture. It is a huge sculpture and I loved it!
Can you tell from this picture how big it is?
We are still just trying to stay cool here. We are supposed to cool down into the 90's by tomorrow. I hope it happens. Also, Lexi is feeling just fine. She takes her last antibiotic pill today but is doing great. Thanks for all your well wishes for her.


Sandy Toes said...

Oh..I love peaches!
sandy toe

Marilyn said...

So glad Lexi is better. Wish you'd gotten some peaches, but the ice cream was a good substitute. Yum. Now, I didn't know that sculpture existed. Huge and the butterfly looks so delicate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for cooler temps and some rain.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

UM! You can't beat peach ice-cream on a hot sumemr day, and even better that it was free!

That sculpture is awesome too!

Amelia said...

On our way to the lake for so many trips we would drive past this "hand with butterfly"...wish I knew the history on it.

Glad Lexi is on the road to full recovery...

Laura said...

Peach ice cream is my favorite - and free - you can't get any better than that! Glad Lexi is A-OK!

Rambling Girl said...

Me love my peaches! Not the hot weather though!

Oh that hand is

Glad Lexi is feeling better!

Love your thrift store finds! Lots of great goodies!

Jill said...

That's one big finger!!!!!!!
I have never had peach icecream. Sounds yummy!

Caren said...

Glad to hear Lexi is feeling better. She is so cute, I know I tell you that every time you post her picture but it's true so I keep telling you.

That sculpture is cool, The Son would love it!

Stay cool!

vintage at heart said...

Yum..peaches!! We wanna try and go to the watermelon festival this year!! Oklahoma has soo many festivals we need to take full advantage!!!
We lOVE the shaved ice too.. can you belive they do nOt have them in Florida?? Someone sould make millions!!! lol!
Glad Lexi is feeling better!!! strep is no fun in 100+ weather!!!

April said...

Peach ice cream...just had some homemade this past weekend and it was so good! That is the neatest sculpture I think I've ever seen. Glad to know that you have some cooler temps. moving in for a change. Happy to hear that Lexi is doing better.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi darlene
Glad to hear Lexi is feeling better. I really enjoyed your pictures from the Peach Festival. That sculpture looks amazing.
Hope you are managing to keep cool today.

Carrie said...

I love snowcones I could use one now I think I am melting away!

Love the sculpture

Ginger said...

I love anything with peaches, especially icecream. Thats a shame that you missed being able to buy some fresh peaches.
I am in Vegas this week housesitting, and it's 112* Whew!!

Marilyn said...

Hey, Darlene. Have you ever been to the Cloverleaf Boutique in Ardmore? I just read a Country Living Magazine from May 08 and there was a feature on it in that issue. Sounds quirky but cute.
I haven't checked it out so it may be gone by now. Where is that cool front?

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yummm- peach ice cream!
I think I would have passed on the $50 helicopter ride too- good grief!
The sculpture is really huge- I thought for a minute it was flipping a bird!(I know- I'm dumb.)
Glad Lexi is feeling better.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Neat sculpture. I'm glad they put the butterfly on the hand. Otherwise it would have been just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...


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