Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures......

If you love yard sales and thrifted items be sure to go by and visit all the participants at Rhoda's Southern Hospitality. We had some gorgeous weather this past weekend and I went to several sales, but only ended up getting two tablecloths that I absolutely LOVE!! After I washed them, I hung them out to dry in our wonderful, cool breeze.
These didn't have a price on them and when I asked the lady said $5.00 each. I don't ever haggle with people so I just turned and started walking away. She then asked me what I would pay and I said $3.00 each and she said sold!! She said they were both pretty old and she just wanted rid of them. I think all these birds and colors on this one is beautiful.
The second one has this pattern of grapes and leaves around it and is signed Luther Travis. I googled the name when I got home and from what I can find it looks like he did tablecloths from the 50's to the 70's. It also looks like they sell on e-bay and various places online for $25.00 to $65.00. Looks like I did quite well.
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's A Rooster Party.......

WooHoo what fun it is going to be!! Thank you Barb from Bella Vista for hosting this fun event! I don't have many yet, but love the ones I have. I tried my hand at a chalkboard drawing....not tooooooo
This big guy is out in the yard by my bird bath. I got him on sale a few weekends ago.
This pillow is one I bought from Ramona and look at the gold fabric. It has roosters all over it. Right now it is on my entryway bench and I absolutely love it!

A rooster tassel hanging in the kitchen.

This tin trio lives on top of an armoire used as an extra pantry in my kitchen.

Love my rooster lamp. It lights up a dark little corner by the fridge.

Last, but not least is my iron doorstop. When he isn't holding the door open, he usually frolics with the tin roosters.
Hope you enjoyed my roosters and I can't wait to come and see yours! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do You Love to Grill?

We do and I think hubby is the king of grilling!!!!! I'll show you his secrets.......
We have probably been grilling 4 to 5 times a week. Hamburgers, pork chops, chicken, name it, we have probably been grilling it. See that little iron smoker?
He puts these wood pellets in it and closes the grill lid to get a bit of a smokey flavor. You pick which one sounds good....there is Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Apple and Hickory. We get these from Academy but there is a website if you don't have one near. It is
Also, before throwing the meat on the grill he seasons it up really well. This is the seasoning we absolutely LOVE! We just stocked up again, so I am showing you some of the different ones we have. There are many more. We also get these at Academy but they also have a website, it is

If you love to grill, try it!! You can thank me later!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It Was Football Saturday around our Area......

On Saturday we went to the big event in Ardmore, to support our school in Football Saturday. In the past, 12 schools in Southern Oklahoma competed for the top prize of $1,250.00. This year only 5 participated, but the winning prize was the same. Lexi's school has won the past 6 years in a row. Do you think they could possibly win again?
Her school is the Lone Grove Longhorns and here they are on the field performing. From the paper it said: In a day filled with school pride, cheerleaders, players, pep squads and bands from each school were judged in seven categories (crowd participation, dance routine, cheer, band, section decorations, originality and teamwork) on a 1 to 10 scale. There were 7 judges for the event.
They had a large square sectioned off for each school to perform in and the fans were all around it screaming, yelling, and just generally rooting your school on.

There is Lexi in white (t-shirt) and black (our school colors), clapping and cheering our school on.
That is Bruno, the school mascot. I bet the girl in the suit was burning up!

Another piece in the paper about Lone Grove said: Winning one championship is an achievement. It takes luck to double up. The third championship in a row is said to be a charm, four is the stuff of which dynasties are made, five is royalty status, and six straight is close to seen-it-all-type stuff. Now do you think we could win again??????
YES!!!!! 7 wins in a row!!!!! How fabulous and what a great show everyone put on!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Midnight......

Here are a couple of pictures of Midnight when we first found her, very scared and hungry.

Just look at this beauty now!!!! Midnight is a year old (from the vet estimated birth date) and such a sweet and loving cat. Happy 1st Birthday Midnight!!!
Look at her fat tummy! She will never be hungry again.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Etsy Love.....

I just can't seem to stay off Etsy and wanted to show you a few more of my pretties! These two beautiful pillows are by the fabulous Ramona of A Day in the Life of Ramona. They are filled with buckwheat hulls and make the most delightful sound. I also wanted to show you how well Chelsea has healed. The tumor removed from her neck was right under her hot pink bow. She had stitches from the top to the base (where her neck is shaved) and also two more tumors were removed from her stomach. She is totally healed up and doing great for a little old lady (she is 15).
I ordered these beautiful tags from Anne of Anne Fannie's Green Acres. I love them and they are going to look FABULOUS on all my gifts and teacher goodies.

Also, I just can't stay away from Mary Lou at House of Whimsy. She is constantly coming up with new and creative goodies. I had a hard time getting a good picture of this beautiful necklace (but there is one in her shop you can look at), it is just TOO cute.

Oh, and look what else I am looking forward to. Yep, you all know I just love Halloween. These delights are also from House of Whimsy. I also linked to a specific post here and have purchased the adorable BOO banner. You are going to have to be quick to beat me on these cuties. She does take orders

Just go and take a peek at any of these ladies' Etsy stores and see if you can resist!!!! They are ALL wonderful!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School......

It just seems like yesterday that Lexi was starting Pre-K with a Powerpuff Girls backpack that was about as big as she was.
Today, she is a 5th grader and is as EXCITED as she can be, to be going back to school and see all her friends again.
Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blue Monday ~ A Dance...

Today is Blue Monday so be sure to stop by Smiling Sally's blog and see what other blue things everyone has posted about. In July, Lexi's dance teacher "D", had called and said that the local news was spot-lighting five small towns that week, and Pauls Valley was one of them. The main studio that "D" teaches at is there. The dancers were performing in the park for the crowd and one of her girls was on vacation and she wanted to know if Lexi wanted to fill in.
This dance was the same dance that Lexi had performed in her recital, but she was going to be in a different position and doing a different part through the dance. "D" was confident Lexi could do it. We went and had a couple of hours of practice, borrowed the blue costume (pinned it all the way down the back of the bodice to fit), and Lexi danced again like an angel....never missing a beat.

The news team did film the dance, but never ended up using it in their live broadcast from the park that day.....darn!!!

That is "D" standing on the stage in the hot pink top/black skirt watching over her flock.
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. We are enjoying the last couple of days of our lazy summer before school starts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Critter Sighting.....

Lucy, our alarm poodle alerted us last night that there was something outside. At night, while we are up, we keep our big door open with just the glass door closed and locked. I knew something was coming up on the porch because for the past several days, Mama Kitty's large water bowl was filthy each morning. Here is what we found. Not only one, but.......
Two coons!!!! I wonder where their Mama is???
They definitely need to relocate!!!! Before I could even finish this post, Lucy went nuts again, and an opossum was looking in the door!!! Grabbed my camera but Lucy jumping at the door scared it and it was gone before I could snap a picture. It was critter city last night on the porch!! Hope you are having a great Thursday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Never Ending Weeding....

Why does the grass ALWAYS want to grow where you don't want it?? After another little shower yesterday, my trusty helper was with me while I pulled out all of the grass and weeds from our front pavers.
Ahhhhh, much better all cleaned up.
It is hard to believe that in Southern Oklahoma, where we are usually dried up and everything is looking dead by now, that we have had rain at the end of July and several times already in August. The temperature for much of the day yesterday was about 75. LOVE it!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures.....

Be sure to stop by Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality and see what all everyone found this week. Even though I was having my own garage sale, I had to browse through some others. Some school clothes for Lexi.
* Shorts $3.00 each
* Top (new) $2.00 My neighbor is a teacher and she had books out that she wanted to get rid of. The boxed books are the 9 volume set of Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. They are new! She teaches 1st grade and these are all high 4th grade and 5th grade reading level and are all in Lexi's reading range for school testing.
* All books pictured $5.00 * Wooden pose able figurine $1.00
* Three bags of buttons $1.50
* Silver tray $1.00 * Bright colored rug (out back under the rocker) $3.00
I always think it is fun to see what goodies I can find. Also, if you didn't see my grand total for my garage sale go here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Yard Sale is Through.....

and here is our pile of money.....time to count it and see how we did.
This is part of mine, my neighbor's, and their neighbor's stuff. There ended up being six yard/garage sales on our street. We had a steady stream of people with cars lining the street. Sooooooo, how did we do?
Today we ended up with a total of $383.75. Add that to the total from last week of the yard sale that wasn' can read about it here.....and the final grand total of the yard sale was $1,088.75!!!!! Also, LOTS of stuff gone!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spider Plants and A Thunderstorm......

You might remember my post here where I cut my baby spiders off my big plants and put them in mason jars of water to get long, strong roots.
See their roots now. It is definitely time to plant. It was a bit cooler out and getting dark. Finally, we had a nice thunderstorm. The rain was coming down and it was thundering and lightning.
After the rain stopped the sky started getting REALLY dark again. This was at about 5:30 p.m.
A little while later it started POURING and I do mean POURING again. Much harder than the first time. It got so dark out that the automatic pool lights came on. We really needed the rain, and I just sat out under the patio cover and enjoyed it. Up to this point our weather forecast showed temperatures in the 100's with no chance of rain.....HA!!
Here are my pretty spider babies planted in their new baskets. They also got a great drink of rain water to start them along. Aren't they pretty?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying whatever you are doing.