Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Win, Etsy, and Ebay.....

Look at my fabulous NEST banner I won from Cherry at Cherry's Jubilee! I LOVE it and have it hanging right now in my bedroom. It is beautiful and thanks so much Cherry.♥

Cherry also has a fabulous Etsy store and she has been stocking it up with fabulous Halloween cuties. I bought this little pumpkin pendant and it is adorable! Go check her stuff out.
Look at my beautiful burlap pumpkin, I LOVE it! Look how great it looks on my bed. Many of you know who makes these. It is Ramona from A Day in the Life of Ramona. She has several in her Etsy store right now, and if you have never visited her blog she is delightful. Go visit her and tell her Darlene sent you!
Next, I have visited Susie from Bienvenue's Etsy store and look at my pretties. I bought the rooster wall hanging. I have it up above my refrigerator right now and I love it!
Also, from Susie at Bienvenue I bought this wonderful house blessing door hanger. It is so pretty hanging on my doorknob and the verse is beautiful. Susie constantly comes up with new and wonderful things to sell in her Etsy store so be sure to go visit her.
I have seen these books on several blogs and I wanted to get them. My library didn't have them so I started stalking Ebay. I ended up getting both of them along with shipping for about $10.00 total. I stayed patient and kept going for the lowest priced books and finally got them. I have started looking through them and love them both.
Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday. Our temperatures have gotten cooler again and I am loving this Fall weather.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lexi's Dance Solo.....

You might remember after Lexi's last dance recital, her teacher asked her if she would be interested in doing a solo dance in this years recital. ABSOLUTELY! We all know Lexi likes being a star!!! Anyway, her teacher searched for the perfect music for the solo and I think she found it. It is called Dreams to Dream from An American Tail - Fievel Goes West. Lexi practiced for the first time last week.
These are just a few pictures I took in her dance studio while we were waiting on her teacher.

This is her teacher "D" walking her through some of the moves. Now click here to see the first part of her dance. Remember, she only had gone over it a few times and she will definitely get much better. But, look how graceful she is when she dances. Enjoy.

I'm not sure where our fall weather went but it hit the mid 90's this past weekend. Come back fall temperatures!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Fall in my Home.....

I do have a lot of decorations, but Fall through Christmas is my favorite time of year. Some pumpkins and a squash on top of my computer hutch.
On top of my little desk where our mail and bills are kept. Remember my jar with the orange lights in it?
My painted tin bucket. I normally have small pumpkins in it but haven't bought any yet.

I can't get as fancy here as I would like because the cats get up on this table all the time to peek out the window or get some sun.
Primitive crows from my friend Debbie. Thanks Debbie, I still love them!
My friendly little scarecrow on top of my china cabinet.
I made these Fall letters last year.
My kitchen window all dressed up.
This is the top of a small cabinet at the end of our hallway.

Guess what????? There is more!! Can you believe it? Told ya, I LOVE it!!! Also, I haven't even started on the outside. I'll probably do that this weekend.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall Party.....

YAY, it is the first day of Fall and Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses is having a Fall Party and Songbirdtiff is having a Frugal Fall Decorating Party. Stop by and see all of the Fall decorations.
A decorated shelf. Remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it.
A tabletop in the front entryway. The little terrarium is from Pier 1 and was on a great sale. Some little glass pumpkins and beads are in the apothecary jar.

This is the top of a cabinet in my living room area.

I made the little scarecrow box man last year after seeing similar creations around blogland.
This is on my fireplace mantle. I have named her Nell and she is holding a pretty glittered purple pumpkin.

Do you see my beautiful poodle statue? He is a bit hard to see (in the picture) because my brick is cream colored too. I haven't decided on his name yet, but he has on a pretty fall bow.

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Fall day. Thanks so much for stopping by. Guess what? This isn't all my decorations and I'll show you more later in the week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jump Rope Workshop....

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early for a four hour jump rope workshop in Newcastle, Oklahoma. This was the team from Tyler, Texas that was working with the kids and helping to teach. They perform in competitions and were very good and fun to watch.
There were probably about 100 kids at the workshop along with their coaches/teachers. They had to stretch out before practicing new skills.

They grouped the kids by performance ability and then worked with them on new skills/stunts. I'll show you a couple of short videos of a couple of things Lexi was working on. The first one is really hard and called the "frog". You jump into double dutch ropes and then basically try to get in a push up position to jump the ropes. Even the very experienced ones miss on this (a lot). Click here. The next one is a new trick she learned during the workshop called the "toe". This is Lexi demonstrating before the crowd because as you all know she is not shy....AT ALL! Click here. Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yummy Taco Soup.....

It has been so rainy and cool here that when Stacey from Poofing the Pillows posted a Taco Soup recipe I knew we had to try it. We had it the other night and it is FABULOUS. Here is the recipe. The only different thing I did was use Fiesta Corn, instead of hominy. Thanks Stacey, it is definitely a keeper that we will enjoy this Fall and Winter.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we will be taking Lexi to a jump rope skills/tricks workshop in Newcastle, Oklahoma. I hope to show you some pictures next week. It should be fun.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday Morning Cheerleading....

This is Lexi Friday morning dressed for school. The girls all wore their cheerleading uniforms since they had a game the next day.
On Saturday morning it was very dreary and raining on and off but of course, that didn't stop the football game from happening. This is the spirit line before the game started. Just a reminder you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
The girls didn't get to use their pom pom's because it was drizzling.
Lexi was very excited because she was the one that was starting each cheer (like the captain). Example, she would start "Go Longhorns, Go Team Go".....then the rest of the cheer squad would join in on the cheer. Each week a different girl will start, but Lexi was so proud because this was the 1st game and she was the leader!

WOW, look at that kick!!!!
Here are the teams making a play. We are in the black and grey.

Go Longhorns, Beat Atoka!!! By the time the game was over it was POURING. The poor 6th grade cheerleaders that cheer after the 5th grade games didn't even get to cheer. Our girls were dismissed with about 5 minutes left in the game because it started coming down so hard. The good news is that our boys won 6 to nothing....YAY!!

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Globe Feeders....

Several of you asked about my feeder. They come in a set of three like this and are on sale. Here is the link to the Gardener's Supply Company that I ordered mine from.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Blue Feeder....

Be sure to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for all the other Blue Monday participants. This is a new feeder I got and filled with black oil sunflower seeds. It has attracted little Chickadees and Titmouse birds that are so much fun to watch.
They hang all over the cage and try to get those seeds from every angle.

One more picture from Friday night. It was starting to sprinkle (just a tad) and our little next door neighbor came over to see if Lexi would come and play with him. See his blue shorts? Actually, later that night it started raining and rained all weekend long, on and off. On Saturday we received about 2 1/2 inches of rain and it just drizzled all day Sunday but kept the temperature to about 73. How delightful!!!

Hope you are having a great blue Monday. On Wednesday, I'll show you Lexi's first football game cheerleading pictures.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Performance at the Elks Spaghetti Dinner.....

As many of you know Lexi is on a performing jump roping team called the Jump-n-Jive. She made it the first year she was eligible to try out (in 2nd grade) and this will be her last year to be on the team.....boohoo! They had the team from last year (minus the kids that moved up to 6th grade) practicing for about 3 weeks so they could perform at the spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the Elks Lodge. It was last night, and as always so much fun to watch.
She is so good and didn't mess up even once!
That is Lexi on the left kind of ducking turning the double dutch ropes.....the girl jumping in had just jumped over her head to get into the ropes!
After their performance they got to eat dinner....spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and dessert. It was really good. Also, you can go here and see one of Lexi's signature jump roping tricks called the rump bump (click on the link in the post). She swings the rope and jumps it with her butt muscles....take a peak and listen to how the crowd always responds. Yep, she did it last night and the crowd loved it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. On Saturday Lexi will be cheerleading at the first 5th grade football game of the season. I can't wait!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Won Mabel from the Rooster Party!

**** My home computer has died a big death so I will be trying to visit you as I can get on other computers or when hubby has his laptop at home*******
I won another giveaway! Valarie from Glimpse of My World was one of the participants in the Rooster Party hosted by Barb at Bella Vista. I stopped by and saw her wonderful roosters and entered her giveaway. She was giving away Mabel!!! When I opened the package I was so delighted that she also added in a couple of wonderful kitchen towels. I love it!! Valarie's blog is delightful and I'm so glad I found it. Stop by and say hi!

Right now Mabel is hanging around by my kitchen chalkboards but you know that could change at any time!!
Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.