Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Angel Fire Fun.....St. Patty's Day....

Look at these huge icicles!!!
See Lexi's green side ponytail for St. Patty's Day?
Craziness on St. Patty's Day!!  They scooped out a pit and filled it with water for the daredevils.  A snow mobile took snowboarders and skiers up to a point on the hill (roped off) and they came down and tried to cross the water.  We only watched for a short time (it was a LONG walk up a BIG hill) and no one made it.  They were all going into the water.  Firefighters were pulling them out.  They gave out prizes in different catagories once they closed it (the water started leaking out and it got too shallow).  Brrrrr, see how they are dressed (or actually NOT!  I can't even imagine how cold that water was!!
Sledding fun right by the house we stayed in.  
Hope you are having a great week.  I'll show you some final pictures on Friday.♥


Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Fun times!! All I can say about the water thing is CRAZY!! Brrrrrrrr!

duchess said...

Sledding is definitely more my style. Looks like fun.
Those people in the water were crazy. Cute pictures.

Joanna said...

Oh my....the water?! Wow.

Loving that green pony tail and those icicles!

Marilyn said...

Love the green side pony. CUTE. I think that water thing is a bit over the top but I guess for St P's day it is ok. Sledding looks like a lot of fun. Glad you had so much fun.

Carol said...

How fun!! be young and crazy!!!

Debbie @ said...

How fun Darlene! Ilove all your pictures of Lexi and glad you had so much fun!

Heather said...

more cute pictures! those people going in the water are CRAZY!!!!!

Kerin said...

" Who wants a million dollars"?
That is the ONLY phrase that would get me even close to that pit of ice water!
The sledding is more my speed, for sure!
Thanks for sharing more great pictures with us!
Catch up with you later.

Carol said...

Fun memories for you all!

Libby said...

Love the green pony tail!!!

as for those other brave souls...nuts!!!

Ramona said...

Good Morning!

Great post. I too love that green pony tail. These are great photos. Looks like so much fun...I cannot even imagine how cold that water is!

Have a great Wednesday!

Smiles ~ Ramona

Laura said...

I'm cold just looking at those nuts in the water! Great pictures from a fun trip!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
I am glad you took pictures to prove this craziness otherwise I would never have believed people would be so insane!
The sledding looks lots of fun. I would have loved that. Lexi looks so natural on skiis.

dana said...

Hi Darlene! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time (cept for your migraine :( I've never been skiing, but the folks that love it really love it...and it seems to be quite a great workout...if you don't break something first! :) We have a man-made ski area near kids have both gone and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it gets really icy some times when they have to make the snow. This year, I'll bet they didn't need to make much!

Yes, we are getting excited about the trip. I will e-mail you info about where we will be and case you want/can to "zip" on to Canton! :)

Have a great day! L, Dana

linda said...

Can I just say CRAZY about the water jumpers and all. Snow, freezing water, and no clothes don't equal fun in my book!

Your Lexi on the other hand, she has fun written all over her face!

April said...

That water must have been freezing and as good as I am at skiing (NOT!), I would have landed smack dab in the middle of it! Sledding is more my speed!:)

Jerri said...

It looks warm there only skiing in sweat shirts. You would never believe this but one of the area ski hills here had bikini races for their closing weekend. I don't even think I would have done that thirty years ago. It sounds like you had a great vacation. Welcome back.....

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Wow, what a great spring break. Those are the biggest icicles I've ever seen.

JC said...

Looks like you had a FUN time ...

Aleta said...

Cool pictures, but oh my gosh!!! The water???? That's insane!!!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Brrrrr.....I hope there were cozy fires to snuggle in front of after all the fun was over! ★Linda

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Darlene,
I'm catching up in Blogland tonight. I've been dying to come over and see all the fun you guys had at Angel Fire over Spring Break. I just KNEW Lexi would take right to skiing (like everything else she tries). : )
I was sorry to hear about that headache in the post below. I'm glad it got better with time.
I'm so glad you all had fun. The pic of you on the tube is Crazy Cute!! : )
P.S. Those monster icicles were CRAZY!

jeanne said...

Good morning Darlene, I am in Kissimmee, Fl. visiting my other daughter. Running the roads is beginning to be a habit. LOL. I am heading back to Jax. today. I still have a wedding to attend on Sunday. then home to NC on Monday. I admit to getting anxious to get back to a normal routine. I have had so little time to get on my computer. My daughter took my granddaughter to school so I am sneaking a few minutes to visit.

That water thing is new to me on the slopes. I can see it must have been fun to watch. Just another snow event for you all to enjoy. I love the sledding too. Your photos are like being there. I do miss those skiing years. Lexi is adorable in the photos. This is a vacation she will want to repeat. Our children loved skiing too, with all the fun things to do besides skiing as well.

Enjoy your day.
Hugs, xoxo,

I too hope you will be able to visit us in the mountains. BIG smile.

Judi said...

Hi Darlene
Oh what fun! It looks like you had gorgeous sunny weather with blue skies. Those icicles ARE monsterous! wow.
That water looks so cold and I can't imagine how they didn't just freeze to death! would think that if the first few couldn't make might want to stay close to the firepit.

I'm glad you all had such a good time. Great memories and pictures.