Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break at Angel Fire.....

Here is a bit of the house we stayed in at Angel Fire.  The picture is deceiving because it is HUGE.  Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, huge kitchen, den, living room, basement, formal dining (that was bigger than Lexi's room at home) and very nice.  This is Sunday morning at Angel Fire.  I woke up with a migraine (altitude headache) and had to go back to bed, so hubby took Lexi to see where she was going to ski and get her ski equipment.
When I got up later, my headache was bearable and I took pictures from the second story of the house (out VERY dirty windows).  Alan took Lexi out back on the hill to teach her some basics.  Angel Fire was so crowded that that all of the ski school classes had filled up before we even arrived (I heard they were full about two months ago).  So, it was up to us to get her going.  We haven't been skiing in about 28 years so Alan did the best he could.  She caught right on.  The friend she was with has skied for several years so she also helped teach her what to do.     

On Monday, they went to the slopes and practiced a while on the smaller places they could get to.  Once she thought she was ready, it was time for the small ski lift.  This was the first time getting on it and I remember how scary it is.  You can tell by her face she wasn't sure about it at all. She got on it just fine though. 

After that scary first time, she had a BLAST.  No problem at all getting on or off the lift.

This is some of the crowd you have to get through to get into a couple of the ski lift lines.  It was CRAZY crowded.  We were told the snow hasn't been great the last several years.  It was WONDERFUL this year and EVERYONE was there.  They said it was the most crowded in years! 

Lexi took to skiing like a duck to water.  She did FABULOUS and loved it!  Alan and I didn't ski.  First, it was WAY too crowded and second, since we couldn't get lessons we weren't even going to attempt it with the crowd.  Lexi already wants to go again so I think I need to get on a work-out program (to be in better shape) for next year!!
More pictures from vacation on Wednesday.  Hope you all are having a great Monday.  I am glad to be back because I missed all of you.  I'll be back on the menu plan next Monday.♥


Cindi said...

Aww, Lexi looked like she had a blast. A vacation to remember forever!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Darlene girl I pity the headache you had .. I have migraines too and it can really knock you back. BUT wow ! it looks like Lexi had a blast for sure and she will be a life long lover of skiing : )
AND .. I don't blame your neighbors saying you brought back snow with you woman !!!! I think you might be responsible too ! LOL
Joy ;-)

duchess said...

Looks like she had a great time.
Sorry you were feeling bad in the beginning. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Amelia said...

I am sure Lexi had you and Alan enjoyed the time too...certainly a memorable time for all of you.

Kerin said...

Holy Moly,
you are not kidding about the crowds...crazy!
Lexi is a girl with spunk and courage! Her smile is from ear to ear... you can see that she had a blast!
Catch up with ya later.

Carol said...

Looks like Lexi can add sking to her list of talents!


Marilyn said...

Wow, Lexi is just so athletic. She sure learns things fast. I know she had a ball and has lots of things to tell today at school. Sorry about your headache. I hope the rest of the week was pain free. I can't wait to see more pictures. So glad you had so much fun. By the way, thanks for bringing us back some snow. HA

Joanna said...

It looks like y'all had so much fun! Sorry you didn't feel well with the headache. I have migraines so I know exactly how you feel.

Laura said...

I didn't have any doubt that Lexi would do great with skiing! Wow, that was a crowd! Glad you all had a fun time.

jeanne said...

Hi Darlene, finally, a few minutes on my computer. What a week. I read your previous posts and I saw that Lexi had a Birthday. Boy, a skiing trip for her birthday. How good is that??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXI! I 'knew' you would be the best little skier. You go girl!!! Now you are hooked. I am so happy you had great snow. Crowds though, are not great fun.

Love the snow tubing photo. We love doing that too. We always take time out to tube. I don't blame you for not skiing in that crowd. Not fun and can be dangerous. UNLESS YOU ARE LEXI!!! Smile.

I just received a call from my sister in NC. It is snowing there. I am happy to be in Florida. It is 49 degrees here this morning with a high of 66. Not that warm but it is NOT snowing. I guess your bad weather moved right on through the rest of the country. LOL.
Gotta run as I am trying to meet Claudie one last time in St. Augustine for lunch today. It is about 45 minutes from my daughter's home in JAX.

Special hugs to Lexi for her birthday and you because you are my dear blogging friend.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Darlene, it looks like such fun! Your pictures are great.

Barb ♥

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Lexi looks like a pro up there!
My kids love to snowboard and are like Lexi-They love it up on the mountain!
I personally am getting too old for the cold but still go up with the family and always have fun when I do!
I'm so glad you guys had a chance to do this!
Hey, enjoy that snow you are getting-I saw all of it on the news today~It's crazy!


Ramona said...

Good Morning My Friend ~

Great pictures, great vacation! Lexi looks adorable and like she has been skiing for years! I am a fellow migraine sufferer as well...I feel you pain. Glad you are back and had a great time.

We are on break today and all week...lots of hikes, walking, baking, some sewing and a ton of chick~flick watching...have a great week.

Smiles ~ Ramona

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ugh on the migraine. :(

Those crowds are crazy. I'm glad it still was fun though.

~ Sarah

T.J. said...

Wow! Lexi is super talented to be able to pick up skiing like that. love her expression on the lift :)

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

wow! way too crowded for me! i've never been skiing, ever! Lexi did great. Love the photos!

vintage girl at heart said...

Looks like Lexi had fun..sorry you had a migraine and that you did not ski. I have not been since I was 17 so I would be hesitant too.
Can't wait for warmer weather so my girls and I can start walking again.
Shure am glad you are back.
You and Marilyn are my morning reads!!!

April said...

Sure looks like you all had a fabulous time! I figured Lexi would be a whiz...that's how my girls were last year! So sorry you didn't feel too well...that's such a bummer! Hope you'll share more pictures with us!

Sally said...

Ooo, I've never been skiing, Darlene!

Lana said...

Lexi looks like she had a BLAST! I've never skied before, but I've always thought it looked like so much fun!

Dawn said...

It looks like Lexi had fun! I've never been skiing and quite frankly I don't think I'm graceful enough for it LOL!

Sorry about your headache. That's no fun.

I'm not a fan of crowds myself.

take care,

Debbie @ said...

Oh Darlene, so sorry you had such a bad headache. I know what those are like! Love the pictures...and I can't believe those crowds! Wow. But Lexi looked great and I know she must have had an amazing time. Yahoooo. My question is....did you ski? Or did hubby. I guess he did with Lexi, helping her. I loved her smile in those pictures. Great job Lex.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh you poor girl..Hope you are feeling better now..It looks like Lexi had lots of fun while she was there..Sounds like you guys stayed at a real nice place..

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

That Lexi is having so much fun! Lucky girl!
You have to remember to keep hydrated in the mountains to prevent those headaches.
:+} Linda★

ARUNA said...

Those r some great pics....looks like a fun vacation!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my goodness Lexi looks so grown up...yikes! Sorry you were feeling icky. When my sister and I visit my Brother in NM we both have nose bleeds...ugh~

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
Lexi looks quite the professional already with her skiiing. I enjoyed seeing the great pictures from your trip. Sorry you had a migraine. Hope it didn't spoil things too much.

Christina said...

Looks like a fabulous spring break. Looks like Lexi had a great time learning to ski. How fun!

Sorry you weren't able to enjoy the beginning.

I saw a few days ago on the news that you guys were getting more snow. You just can't get away from it!

Christina said...

oh and happy late birthday to Lexi. They grow up fast don't they.

Anonymous said...

I knew she would love it. Caroline is crazy about skiing too. Me, not so much. I am so glad you are having a blast. I hope your headache is better, friend. xoxo

jennykate77 said...

Your trip looks and sounds like SOOOOO much fun! I've never been skiing and would love to go! Lexi did so can tell she's a natural! Can't wait to see more pics!

Hope you're having a great week so far!♥

Shell in your Pocket said...

What fun pictures and all that snow!
sandy toe

Carol said...

How grande!! I think you and Alan were wise not to ski this time. Broken bones are NOT fun!!!

Libby said...

I am so glad that Lexi had fun! I have never skied but I have always thought that the ski lift would be soooo scary!

sewa mobil said...

Wow! Lexi is super talented to be able to pick up skiing like that. love her expression on the lift :)