Thursday, June 17, 2010

Backyard Visitors and Lemon Cream Pie.....

We, or rather Lucy (our poodle), found the first backyard turtle of the summer, the other day.  We always have to move them out of the fenced portion of our yard or Lucy just goes nuts and can't leave it alone.  Lexi had to pose with it. 

Also, when I walked out onto the back porch a few days ago, there was a bunch of fluttering around and two baby birds were  trying to learn to fly.  At dark, one finally landed on the canopy of our swing.  It eventually moved to the bottom rail and slept there all night long like it was in a hammock.  The last I saw of the other baby, it made it to the fence.  The baby bird that was on the canopy was still sleeping there when I let the dogs out (to do their business) at 4:00 a.m.  Came back in and we all went back to sleep, and when I checked at 7:00 a.m. it was gone.  YAY, the baby bird got its' strength back and flew away.       
Also, Stacey at Poofing the Pillows shared this Lemon Cream Pie recipe and OH MY WORD, it is DELICIOUS!!  I have had this a long time ago and forgotten about it.  It is now in my tried and true recipe book.  Grandpa loved it too!  Thanks so much Stacey!!!
Hope you are all having a great Thursday!♥


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lexi just gets cuter and cuter, Darlene! And look at that turtle and the baby birds...awwwwwww! And the pie...oooooh! But I have a question for you... are you trying to sabotage my diet??? ;-)


Sheila :-)

Amelia said...

Cute as ever is Lexi.

Glad the pie turned out so good...I am sure it was enjoyed by all.

JEANNE said...

Hi Darlene, Thanks for your comment about the poodle pillow. I KNEW you would love that little collection. We do love our poodles. Cheri' was groomed yesterday and she looks so pretty. This morning when I opened the crate she just looked at me and went back to sleep. A rough day at the groomers yesterday I guess. smile.

Lexi looks adorable holding the turtle. we love turtles around here too. Bill is always moving them to a safer place. The baby bird story is so cute. The fence hammock made me smile. I hope the poor little thing is safe.

Mmmmm, lemon cream pie. I want some for breakfast. My favorite breakfast ever, is leftover pie.

Have a happy day.
Hugs, Jeanne

Laura said...

I found a baby turtle heading for the garage the other day. I moved him to the woods. It's always fun to find the unexpected in your yard!

Kerin said...

How fun to find the turtle!
I'm glad the baby bird was able to get going too:)
I'll have to check out the pie recipe....looks yummy!
Hope you have a great day!!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

What fun wildlife activities you have going on in your backyard! I'm glad the baby birds had a place to rest.

Whew, that pie looks delicious!

Libby said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a great summer Darlene! That pie looks cool and yummy! I'm going to give it a try for Fathers Day!

Lana said...

Lexi is so pretty!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

The picture of Lexi with the turtle sure brought back memories.
We used to get big turtles in our backyard in California (when I was young) We would paint different colored patches on their backs that looked like a little quilt on them. Mom didn't let us watch TV much so we had to get creative! LOL!

cindy said...

That pie looks very appetizing. I don't remember how I got to your site but I'm glad I did.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

Take care-

horse loving lineman's wife said...

Our yard is on a hill, and is a series of steps...for the life of me I never know how turtles get from one section to another...and the fun part of this is Zoey (65# lab) is always the one to find them. She gets so excited, and fusses and fusses, to be honest, she is scared of them. It is so funny! Hope you have an awesome day!!

Julie Harward said...

Cute little turtle! Lexie is so cute and brave. And fun to watch the birds learning to fly! I am going to go get that recipe, this is my favorite kind of pie...thanks :D

linda said...

I haven't seen a real turtle in years (except sea turtles). Where would the little turtle have come from. Was it someone's pet?

So glad the baby birds got their wings and are now independent.

Oh my word that pie looks great. I'd give it a try soon but I'm on a diet. This menopause weight is sooo heard to lose! More like impossible really!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
Now I could just eat a slice of that pie right now. It looks gorgeous.
I love this cute picture of Lexi and the turtle. We would call it a tortoise. We don't have them in the wild over here but some people buy them and keep them as pets. Glad the baby bird managed to fly the nest safely.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Darlene, your daughter Lexi is beautiful. We never know what our dog "Buttons" is going to bring to us . . sometimes it's a little scary. That Lemon Cream Pie looks delicious! Sandy:O)

Rambling Girl said...

Awhh my Lexi is sitting with me asking about yours and she wants to know why does she have her told her only pretty girls are Lexi and she said yep she is pretty...

Never seen any turtles in my yard and living in the country you would think we would.

That Lemon Pie looks so yummy...I love lemon deserts so I know I gotta try this.

vintage girl at heart said...

Well I am glad that I am not the only one getting up in the wee hours to let critters out!!!
Love the pic of Lexi and the turtle.... my pups would have terrorized it and the baby bird too I bet. Love when the get their wings and fly away!
I am enjoying these lazy days of Summer but it sure has been HOT!!
That pie looks delish!!! I NEED to try that recipe out!!!
Happy almost weekend!!

Judi said...

Hi Darlene
Look how big and pretty Lexi is...thats a lovely picture of her AND the turtle is quite handsome too. Isn't that neat??
I'm glad the poor little birdies were able to fly away...I get worried when I see them learning to fly. They get the grasp of it all pretty quickly it seems.
have a lovely weekend.

Michelle said...

Your Lexi is beautiful!! I am going to make my daughter who has blonde curly hair look at your Lexi's hair to show her curls are BEAUTIFUL, she is so concerned with trying to straighten her hair all the time. My husband is the turtle saver at our house, he adores them and will go to any length to save them so good job!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

How neat! We had a turtle in our yard one year and I still have no idea where it came from. The pie does look delicious!


Shelia said...

Hi Darlene! Oh, look at the little turtle! That little Lexi - she just gets prettier and prettier.
Yum, maybe I'll have a little piece of that pie. It looks so good.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie @ said...

Hey Darlene! We both have wildlife at our houses! How funny! Lexi is as cute as ever.
Well I love turtles, I haven't seen any recently but I like them! That pie looks delicious too...yummy.

Ramona said...

Hey there Darlene ~

This is a great post! I had turtles as a them. Lexi is a sweetie. It looks like she is enjoying her summer. As for that is the perfect summer treat!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...we are on summer vacation now...finally...I love summer. Talk to you soon.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Darlene,
Lexi is growing like a weed! She is just adorable, turning into a sweet little young lady!
I love all your backyard visitors. How interesting you have turtles come into your yard. We have a HUGE turtle that is one of our pets. He is a African Spur Turtle.

Shell in your Pocket said... I love lemon "anything"

sandy toe

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Darlene, I'm back... if you get a chance, I want you to see the two ballerinas I have in my Pink Saturday post. I think you'll get a kick out of them. I thought about Lexi the whole time I was at the recital, and I bet she could outdance half the girls I saw perform. Also, Lexi looks like a dancer. Delicate and pretty.


Sheila :-)

T.J. said...

my dogs are super at finding turtles too! That's a great shot of Lexi with it :)

Lorrie said...

We've just found our second turtle of the year Darlene. I love finding them too. Lexi looks so cute with yours!

How fun that you got to see a baby bird learning to fly and were able to get some pictures too. I love our backyard, especially in summer time.

jennykate77 said...

WOW!!! That lemon creme pie looks so yummy!! Sounds delightful on hot days like we've been having! Can you believe this heat?! Crazy! Lexi is a doll! Love the pics. I also LOVE the pics of the little baby birds. We've had baby birds and baby rabbits in our yard. The birds are so cute with their fluffy feathers. I'm not sure what kind they are, but they're adorable. The little rabbits love our clover! We have about 5 or 6 of them out there every morning. I thought Belle, our lab, would chase them off, but she doesn't seem to notice them.

Hope you guys are having a great day!!♥

HeathahLee said...

Oh my that pie looks soooooo good! I'm hopping over there to check out the recipe! I'm wondering if it's the same one I had years ago and LOST!