Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's A Giveaway!!!!!

Entries are closed for the giveaway.  I'll post the two winners in the morning.☺
First off, a confession.......Hi, my name is Darlene and I am a magazine addict!  Yep, I keep track of all my subscriptions in a little index card file.  I have.......well, I'm not even going to tell you how many subscriptions I have, but let's just say I am trying to cut them down.  If it isn't a magazine I LOVE, I am not renewing.  With that being said, I LOVE Better Homes and Gardens.  I have been getting this for as long as I remember and I think my subscription goes through 2014 right now.  Since I love the magazine, I know you will too, so just leave a comment on this post to be entered in a drawing for a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens for a year.  If you already subscribe, it will just extend your subscription by a year.  I will be giving away TWO subscriptions, so TWO of you will be winners!!!   YAY!!!!!   
Anyone can enter.  If you don't have a blog, just be sure to leave me your e-mail address in the comment below.  One entry per person and I'll have Lexi draw the names Tuesday night and I'll post them Wednesday morning. 

Hope you are all having a great summer and thank you all for being such wonderful friends!


Amelia said...

Already take this magazine along with about 8 more....

Have a great weekend!

JC said...

I used to get this but stopped. So, I am in for the Give A WAY !!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Please count me in...I too LOVE magazines!


Mary Ann said...

I used to take this but had to stop. Would love to win.

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Darlene, BHG is one of my favorites, too!! I just love it! I think I am probably subscribed through 2014, too... I always send subscriptions to my mom and my daughter, too. LOL! Yes, my name is Tanna, I am a BHG addict.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I love magazines too Darlene and agree with you that BH&G is one of the better ones out there.
So count me in on this wonderful giveaway~ Thanks!

Thanks for the nice comment on my hummingbird picture. I actually cut a super small twiggy/branchy tree last year and took all the leaves off it-I put it in a pot with flowers around it about 25 feet from the feeder and the hummers love it. I see them even 100 feet from the feeders on bare branches and twigs-They like to perch so they can see the feeder and protect it??? :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I would love to get BHG. My favorite magazine right now is Country Sampler but I also like those ones like Birds and Blooms, Reminisce, Country Woman. Dream stuff!
Come over and check out my giveaway, too.

happeningswithLana said...

I also am addicted to magazines, craft books and cookbooks.

I will be married next month 30 years to an Allen also.

Nice Giveaway!

Kitty Scraps said...

Hello Miz Darlene!
Oh how I missed you but I'm trying to blog a little more now when I can *smiles* I can't believe I'm entering a giveaway cause I never win but I love BH&G so maybe if I cross my fingers AND toes LOL

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh girl I am an addict too!!!
I have about three I want to buy off on the newstands right now but I too am trying to be good so I have been reading all of my old ones this week. They are such a great source of inspiration and everything comes back eventually in home decor just like fashion!!!
Did you see that Country Home is coming back in the Fall??? Yay!!
I have a litle secret to...if you drink Coke products and use your points (on the caps and on the boxes)) can get various magazines subscriptions for free!!!
I get many of mine that way!!!
Including BHG!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!
Bet yall will be in the pool!!!
It is HOTola!!

Michelle said...

My husband just laughs at my pile of magazines. They are soooo wonderful!!

Ginger said...

Hi Darlene:
I confess, I am an addict too. But this past year I've gotten rid of my subscriptions and have been buying my favorite mags over the counter. I used to take BH&G years ago, but I let my subscription fall by the wayside.
I would love to be entered into your giveaway.
Hope things are going good for you. I haven't been blogging, but finally got around to putting up a new post today and stopping by my blogger friends to read up on their posts.

Libby said...

I love this magazine!! My Mom gets it and always let me read hers. I would love to have my own copy!!!

dana said...

Oh, YES, toss my name into the hat!! :) I love BH and G!! Tell that Lexi, "YOU GO GIRL"!! How exciting to the be the LEAD in her upcoming play!! It sounds darling!!

Hope you're staying's awful, isn't it?

Have a great weekend! L, Dana

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

you are entered!

Nana said...

Yes, I too am a magazine freak. Give me a Pepsi or maybe an ice water a couch and a magazine.

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

I know what you mean, I love my magazines too!! I wish we didn't lose so many but I try and take my time reading the ones that are still around.

Ramona said...

Hi Darlene...nice to meet you...I am a magazine addict too! No wonder we get along so well...I also...NEVER throw away magazine either.

The following mags I have every issue of :

Sick...I know...but I am getting ready to least I am thinking about it.

Have a great Sunday my Friend.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
Looks a great magazine. Can I enter? If not will you let me enter for one of my US friends?
I love magazines too. I enjoy snuggling up with a new magazine, it's such a treat.

Lorrie said...

Darlene this just cracks me up--a magazine addict! I think there are many worse things to be addicted too. I'd love a subscription and I hope Lexi picks my name. I think it's a great giveaway idea.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Darlene, I'm Carla, and I'm a magazine addict as well. LOL!!! I go through cycles with my many mag subscriptions. I used to get BH&G for a lot of years, but didn't renew a few years back. I would love to start getting it again, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the chance!

Kerin said...

Hi Darlene!
You are such an adorable gal! You are so thoughtful and I am sure that the winner will LOVE their subscription! I already subscribe to BH&G.
I get emotionally attached to my magazine subscriptions too..... I think I had to have a day of mourning when Cottage Living was discontinued :)
I will be cheering for winner of your giveaway....good luck!!

Rambling Girl said...

Add me please...I quit taking this at the beginning of the year so I would love to add it back.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

This is one I've always liked! I pick it up every month so I don't have a subscription! What a great idea for a giveaway - thank you!


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I love that magazine! Please sign me up!

SmilingSally said...

I've never had a subscription to BH&G, but I sure would like to win your giveaway. They have such beautiful rooms. (I've bought an issue or two from the magazine stands.)

Mary Clinkscales said...


I love magazines, and would love to win BHG magazine.

Judi said...

Oh yea Darlene... I would love to get that magazine. I did at one time but not right now so count me in!! AND should I win I have my USA address to send them to. I'm excited already.
I love magazines too and have a couple of subscriptions. I could sit and look at them all day I think..*lol*..
I hope you are keeping cool. Marilyn says it is HOT!
I bet you spend much time in the pool.

Deb {Posted from} Home said...

Congratulations to Lexi on her lead role!! How exciting.
I love magazines too :-) We always stop off at Chapters when we are away and pick up reading material. Last weekend I picked up "Dream Cottage Gardens" & sat and thought about next years garden plans :-)
Not sure if I can enter your generous giveaway (I'm in Canada), but if I can I'd love to have my name added to the draw. Thanks Darlene & Lexi.