Friday, September 10, 2010

We Went to the Final Jump-n-Jive Performance.....

Last night we went to the final performance that Lexi will have with the Jump-n-Jive team.  They always perform for the Annual Elks Lodge Spaghetti Dinner.   Normally after the last performance in 5th grade the girls are through and they don't come back the next year for the dinner (to perform).  This year though, there were so many strong performers that moved to 6th grade, the coach had them come back and perform one final time.    
On stage getting ready to jump. 
These are all the girls that are now 6th graders.  Only two of them have been on the team from the first time they tried out.  It is Lexi (second from left on the bottom row) and "A" the girl second from right on the bottom row.  These two also did many rope jumping tricks together and were really fun to watch.  I'm sad to see it end but I know new fun things await. ALWAYS have to have a fun, goofy picture!
Hope you are enjoying your Friday.♥


Libby said...

So Cute!! I LOVE the Funky socks!

Marilyn said...

One more time. It is bittersweet. But at least you got to make one more memory. Lexi is a beauty. Glad you got to see the jumpnjive once more. I know you all enjoyed it. Hope your day si good.

Amelia said...

She is such a cutie...all the hard work has paid off with this will lead to other things.

Have a great weekend!

vintage girl at heart said...

She is such a doll!!!
Sad to see the end of the
Jump-n- JIve but you are right she will move on to new things!!
Is she working on any plays right now??
Have a great weekend!!
Looks like more hOT weather!

Lana said...

Cute pictures! I always love the silly pictures!

duchess said...

Looks like they had a great time. Sorry it has to end but it sounds like she's got a lot in store in the future. Hope the OU auditions go well. Keep me posted.
Enjoy your weekend.

JEANNE said...

Good morning Darlene, I have been missing your posts. Last weekend my brother and his wife had their 50th wedding anniversary party and we were overwhelmed with company who came from all over to celebrate. Very little time on the computer was the problem. However, the family getting together was so special. Lots of hugs and love going around for a few days. We(four sisters) were filled up with guests in all of our homes. One of my sisters still lives in Atlanta. We love being together, especially with our brother and his wife. A rare event.

I scrolled down to see what I have missed. Your porch is awesome. Lovely and peaceful. The rain was needed but it sure was a big storm.
The photos of Lexie and her Jump n Jive friends are terrific. They will miss it and each other I am sure. I would love to have seen them.

Have a wonderful weekend. Remember 911.
Love. Jeanne

Laura said...

Lexi will always have fun memories of her Jump-n-Jive years!

April said...

I would definitely agree with some of the others...that's such a bittersweet time, isn't it? Talk about a cute bunch of girlies who have the personality to show for it! I bet they could light up any room!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
You got some great pictures there to remember her last performance by. They all look so happy and I know they will always remember the fun times they had Jumping n Jiving.
Have a lovely weekend.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Great pics, Darlene! That Lexi is so pretty. She is gonna be a heart breaker. Don't you love how they get all goofy when they are together?

Tommie Jo said...

Looks like a bundle of energy! I loved that age with my precious daughter.

dana said...

How fun!! Lexi is the BIG KID on this one. . . and oh so talented!!! Love the Goofy Pix!! :)

Did you show your before and after photo...did I miss it?

Hope your weather is OK....we've been under a tornado watch all night.....lots of thunder and lightening, too. I hate this stuff....thousands are w/o power now, too.

Have a great Sat.....let's not ever forget 9/11.

L, Dana

Caren said...

They are so cute! I love the socks too. So sad that she won't be performing with them any more, I always enjoyed hearing about the team.

Judi said...

Hi Darlene
How fun! Lots of work and practise leading to great fun.
Love the pics
have a nice rest of the weekend.

Kerin said...

What a fun group! Love the goofy picture too :)
Hope you have a great day today!

SmilingSally said...

That was a real honor to be invited back.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

THey are all adorable! I am sure she is off to do bigger and better things! 6th grade??? Why must they grow so fast! MIne is in 7th now. Hugs, cherry

Julie Harward said...

LOL so cute and those are quite the jumping shoes too on your cute daughter! :D

Ramona said...

Happy Monday Evening to You!!!

Lexi is gorgeous! How fun and a super healthy activity. She has made great memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a great week.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Darlene, I haven't been by in a while. How grown up Lexi is getting! I love those darling socks!
I have to go check out your other posts to see what I have missed!
Hugs, Ann

Farm Chick Paula said...

*giggle* Love the last picture, Darlene- those girls are really hamming it up!!

Life is good! said...

what a darling group of girls and yes it's sad when things end but i predict lexi will be busier than busy for the rest of her life and it's great that you get to go along for the ride!

JEANNE said...

Hi Darlene, had a very long day today and took a late nap. Sigh, now I am not ready to go to sleep. Thus, the late night visit. I bowled 198 in league today. I bowl with friends and my dh. I surprised them all, most of all me. HA! We won our games.

The weather is in the 70's and low 80's during the day and in the 50's at night. I am loving it! I'm sure your hot weather won't last long. Fall color comes in mid to late October here. I.m ready.

Hugs to you Darlene.

Anonymous said...