Monday, October 11, 2010

FrightFest at Frontier City......

On Saturday we took Lexi and #11- Ryan, to Frontier City (in Oklahoma City) for FrightFest.  They have the park totally decorated for Halloween.  We had GORGEOUS weather and we all had a wonderful time.  We got there when the park opened at noon and left just before it closed at 11:00 p.m.  You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge.
Fun times and along with all of the rides, they also went through a haunted house that was there.
You can see on their faces how much fun they had!
We are still having the most PERFECT weather.  Hope you all are enjoying your day.♥  


duchess said...

They look like they had a great time. Good job mom & dad.
We're enjoying this weather as well - hope it stays til January.
Enjoy your week.

Amelia said...

Looks like all had fun...and the weather was perfect for this type of adventure.

Libby said...

Looks like ya'll had such a great time! The pics are great!
Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Ramona said...

Good Morning Darlene ~

What an absolutely fun day! I love the look on Lexi's face on that one ride...pure joy! I am glad you are enjoying wonderful weather...after a weekend of rain-ola....the sun has returned to our area.

Have a wonderful week...I'm lovin' Autumn!

Smiles ~ Ramona

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

You guys are just too cute for words!
It looks like you all had a wonderful time!


Lindsay-ann said...

HI Darlene
You all look to have had an amazing time at FrightFest. I loves seeing your pictures.

Michelle said...

this looks like so much fun. Wish we had something like this.

You look great Darlene! I've missed stopping by. Your daughter has grown a lot. I've been so lazy on my blog but trying to do better. Take care!

SmilingSally said...

Interesting. When our children were young, we took them to Frontier City, in Florida. It no longer exists, but I remember the great time we had.

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JEANNE said...

Hi Darlene, Our team lost but we still had a fun football weekend with our children and grands. There is life beyond football. Smile. I am trying to convince my hubby. HA!

Your visit to Frontier city sounds and looks like a blast with Lexi and Ryan. They are so pretty and handsome, more than that they are nice kids having fun with parents being there too. That is terrific. I love the photos Darlene. You look like one of the kids. No kidding. Thank you for sharing your fun day with us.
Hugs, Jeanne

Kerin said...

Hi Darlene.
It looks like you guys had a wonderful time.
What a great way to spend a Saturday, and get in the spirit of the season :)
Have a wonderful day !!

Paula said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun, Darlene! That what makes this time of year so great... so many festivals and other neat things going on!

April said...

That DOES look like a fun time! Makes me wish I was a kid, again!:)

Judi said...

Hi Darlene
It sounds and looks like you all had a great day. Cute pictures and so nice that you are enjoying such great weather too.
Have a great evening..

jennykate77 said...

Did you feel the earthquake today?! How crazy was that?

I love the pictures!! Looks like lots of fun! We haven't been to Frontier City in ages. I think it's about time to take Isaiah! :)

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful day!♥

dana said...

I just LOVE all things HALLOWEEN!! What a fun outing you guys had.

Did YOU feel the earthquake today? I also so on TV that n. cent. Ark. had one yesterday! I don't like this rumbling. You know we have a big old fault in SE Mo that could be super bad if it ever moved. :(

I'm getting geared up for my first 5K on Sat. So far, my knees are hanging in there...and I'm loving the "carbing up" mentality of running! :)

Hope all is well with you! L, Dana

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!! The weather has been perfect here, too! Hope you have another great weekend!

Tamara Jansen said...

Looks like they really enjoyed themselves! Personally, I'm scared to death of Haunted Houses :)

Aleta said...

They definitely had a lot of fun, it's in their expressions. That's so neat! We don't have a lot of Halloween festivals in the area.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds so cool..Glad you guys enjoyed the fun...Please send us so nice weather..its been raining and damp..yucky

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Looks like a fun time, Darlene. What a great place to spend a gorgeous fall day!

Deb said...

So much fun! Great mosaics Darlene.
Have a wonderful weekend ♥

JEANNE said...

Hi Darlene, Thank you for your comment. Yes, our blog party at Penny's was so much fun. I met some lovely women and it was neat that we all had blogging in common.

I am taking a few days off from blogging this week. We are having company and a BBQ party for 50 friends from the Jacksonville, Fl Camera Club. They are all coming for the fall leaves. We used to be members. I am so busy getting ready. I preposted Pink Saturday and that's all for this week.

Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Jeanne

Carol said...

Darlene....this looks like oodles of fun. I just can't get over how absolutely wonderful you look...not like you didn't before; you have always been beautiful, inside and out!


Grace said...

Ryan is so adorable! I want my daughter to have someone just like him or Landon!

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