Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(Amended) Wednesday Miscellaney.....

(My parents were in town last weekend and Sunday night I decided to try this (well, a different one it had a cajun seasoning packet in it).  It is delicious!!!  I got it from Wal-mart.     
Very easy.  You soak the beans overnight, change the water and simmer the beans for 2 1/2 hours.  Then you saute onion and garlic along with sausage or kielbasa (optional).  Add that along with a can of diced tomatoes or stewed tomatoes, seasoning packet and lemon and simmer for about 30 more minutes.  YUM!!!  We also had plenty to have leftovers which always seem to taste even better!
What we have been or are up to:
  • High School football games
  • OU Saturday dance class 
  • 6th Grade football games
  • Birthday Parties (seems like a LOT of Lexi's friends are turning 12 right now)
  • Fall Break will be Thursday and Friday
  • A friend is spending the night with Lexi on Thursday
  • On Friday, dinner with friends and then a haunted house
  • AND the big news of TODAY........Lexi made the 6th grade girls basketball team.....WOOHOO!!!!!!!
I probably should add that this is in addition to the "normal" happenings for each week.  Lexi has dance 2 nights a week (4 hours total), Broadway Kids (her theater/singing group) 1 night a week and voice lessons 1 night a week!!!!!!!
She also just got her 1st 9 weeks report card today and made one  B and the rest A's.  Way to go Lexi!!!!!!♥ 

Hope you are all having a great day and some beautiful Fall weather.♥   


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Darlene
Great news about Lexi making the team. Please tell her well done from me. Sounds like you have lots going on at the moment. The Bean dish sounds great.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I was just saying to myself this morning..."Where is Darlene, what could be going on with her?"
Now I know! :)

AND I was just eating beans and thinking I could eat beans every day (and probably do.) Your dish looked so yummy.

Tell Lexi Congrats on making the basketball team~Very Exciting!!!!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

BTW: I'm on Facebook again under Robin's Nest (Robin Beck) ~
Would love you to add me to your friends list~♥

Michelle said...

Congrats to Lexi.
Bean dish looks great. The weather here is slowly getting perfect for that kind of meal. I'll be trying it soon...thanks.
This seems to be a busy year for everybody. I'm already looking forward to summer:)

Julie Harward said...

That looks so good, love it! Sounds like life is keeping you busy enough! ;D

April said... there anything that girl of yours can't do? She's a little dynamo! Way to go, Lexi!

Your meal looks and sounds delish! To me, there's nothing better than a bowl of beans and cornbread! YUM!

duchess said...

That's a girl who's got it all going on. Good job!
Enjoy your busy weekend - the food looks great.

JC said...

I remember those busy years. The beans too ... my Mom used to make those.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

3 cheers for Lexi!
Our 15 year old granddaughter, Mallory, is a go-getter, too. It's good they are young and have so much energy!
Lexi is very smart and seems to have her priorities straight!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It sounds like you are in the middle of a whirlwind of activities! Hooray for Lexi making such good grades and getting on the basketball team! That's great!


Sheila :-)

Amelia said...

Is it a tornado? No, it is the life style of Darlene and her family (just no destruction)

That bean combo sounds good...will have to check our Wal-mart for a bag.

Lisa & Gerald said...

WOW what a busy girl she is..Hope you have a wonderful day..The beans looked yummy..

Ramona said...

Good Morning Darlene ~

Thank you for the info on that delicious soup...yum~o~rama!

Sounds like you are busy in the most wonderful way. You guys are making precious memories. Congrats to Lexi on making the team and for those fantastic grades!

Have a great Thursday and have a blast at that haunted house....scary!!!!

Smiles ~ Ramona

Kerin said...

Hi Darlene,
The bean soup looks pretty tasty, and sounds easy-peasy too!
Sounds as if you guys are running and chasing a lot right now.
Give Lexi a high five for making the team!

Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds yummy! And easy! : ) Your schedule is insane. HOLY COW! I can't imagine keeping up with all of that. I am glad I am old and I don't have to : ) Go kids!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Yum!!! Thanks for sharing.
Hooray for Lexi making the team and a great report.
I also loved the photos below. #11 is a cutie! : )

Aleta said...

Congrats to Lexi!!

And yummmmm... the soup looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. Anything that easy to make is something I can try :)

Debbie @ said...

HI Darlene. How fun you got to see your parents. We are in Oklahoma right now seeing our kids and watching Whitney play soccer. I"m loving it. That's great about Lexi. You must be enjoying her so much. It just gets better. All these years we watched Whitney struggle and play soccer and now she's at the good stage and we miss most of her games! Unless they are online...which we do watch her games. Have a great weekend. That food looks delicious and we would eat something like that! Yummy.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Congratulations to Lexi for making the team!! Woo hoo! Ya'll have a busy life, Darlene!! Enjoy!!

Paula said...

Ooooh my goodness, that recipe sounds delicious, Darlene!! I will definitely give this one a try!

Christina said...

Busy, busy. It's a crazy time of year. Congratulations to Lexi on making the Basketball team.

I want some of that bean soup. Yum. It is a gloomy day here and that would be just the thing.

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