Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Still Here / Basketball 6th Grade.......

Hi everyone......it's ME....do you remember me???  Thank you so much for all of your e-mails and comments hoping everything is alright.  Everything is fine.  I knew when I got Facebook that I would have a hard time keeping my blog up and I have.  I am vowing to do better and at least post once a week.  I have missed you all very much and I definitely want to keep up with all of you again. 

Lexi started basketball.  She is number 10 and in the second game got hurt.  A much bigger girl fell on her and bent her wrist backwards. The Dr. thought it was a hairline fracture, but thankfully when the radiologist read it there wasn't one.  She missed two games with a sprain and now is playing again and loving it.  She is a starter and in most of the game, only getting taken out to catch her breath.  Remember you can click on the collage to enlarge the pictures.  
She also has a new boyfriend.....lol.  Ryan broke up with her but his best friend was waiting in line....hahaha.  He truly is a sweetheart compared to the other one and they are doing great.  They have now been "going out" (you know that is the term they use) for 6 weeks.  He is on the boys basketball team and made sure he got the same number as Lexi so he is also number 10.....awwwwww!

My parents are in town and we are getting ready to prep our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, so Thursday all we will have to do is cook everything.   Again, thank you all so much for checking on our family.  I hope to be around to visit you soon.♥