Friday, January 29, 2010

It is Snowing and Birds Gone Wild.....

Here are pictures from Southern Oklahoma after several hours of snow. There have not been many of the big, pretty flakes.....mainly small flakes. Most of the time it almost looked like it was drizzling. It started around 10:00 a.m. this morning and these were taken at about 2:00 p.m.
Also, the birds have gone wild on and around the feeder. It has been so much fun watching them. All of them trying for a spot on the feeder and about a dozen on the ground under the feeder.
A lot of this has been going on inside the house!
Also, on my post dated Thursday.....I actually posted it this morning. I did a draft yesterday and (instead of auto posting like I normally do) waited until this morning when I woke up to see if I was going to post snow pictures at the top. It wasn't doing anything at the time, so I just told it to publish post thinking it would show Friday, at about 5:00 a.m. It didn't, it posted on the draft time (which was yesterday). So, none of you actually missed the Thursday post because it wasn't there until this morning (something new to learn each day☺).

Hope you are enjoying your day. We are sure enjoying looking at the beautiful snow.♥

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Etsy Love and a Mini Love Banner....

This post was actually posted on Friday morning about 5:00 a.m. Note: So far in my area we have only had rain. It didn't ice over this morning because it has been raining so hard. We do have a prediction of a small amount of snow later. Update: At about 10:00 a.m. it has started snowing. It is coming down fairly hard and is starting to cover everything.
I have to share with you some more wonderful blogs and Etsy shops. This beautiful, glittered paper mache bunny is from Get Your Martha On. She MAKES these beauties with chocolate molds and even put a tutorial on her blog. It is absolutely adorable and I just love it!

Next is this adorable vintage looking hanging card. This is from Carla at Cosmogirl's Emporium. It is cute, CUTE. She has just re-opened her Etsy shop and has adorable cuties in it. Go take a look. Also, for her grand opening she gave away a mini Love garland kit to each person that commented that day.

I made mine and hung it on the mantle. It is so ADORABLE! Thank you so much for that adorable give-away Carla!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Third Mini Society - Salt Dough Conversation Hearts....

Lexi had her third Mini Society at school last Friday. Just what is a Mini Society? Go here to find out. We ended up making salt dough conversation hearts. It was a lot of fun and they turned out so cute! I think I jinxed her though, because before she left I said "I hope you don't sell many because I want them"! Well, she came home with quite a few, so YAY I get to use them in our Valentine decorations. She also had some boxes of the real candy conversation hearts and gave those out when someone bought one of her hearts.

Do you see her cute shirt? When we went shopping the other day, we ended up stopping at an Old Navy and saw this. What a PERFECT shirt to wear to sell conversation heart decorations!
Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday. We are supposed to be getting an ice/snow storm tomorrow. Hopefully, we keep our power.♥

Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu for Jan. 25 - 31 & Review for Last Week...

I'm ready for the week with another menu plan and three new recipes again! Remember, any names in blue are linked to the recipe. Go by and visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for many other meal plans for the week.

Next, I'll give you my review of the three new items from last week. I didn't link to them again, but remember they are on my meal plan from Monday of last week.

1. Old-Bay Roasted Sweet Potatoes......they were just ok in my opinion. We had them with ham and that wasn't a good choice. I was having trouble with the old-bay seasoning (seafood type seasoning) being on "sweet" potatoes. I am used to sweet potatoes being....well, sweet! I am going to try them one more time at a later date with old-bay sauteed or grilled shrimp. I think that would be a better match. We will see.

2. Parmesan Chicken Fingers - Definitely delicious and simple to make!! They have a VERY strong Parmesan flavor though, so if you don't like much Parmesan flavor reduce the amount you use. I think this same recipe would work well with a packet of ranch dressing (seasoning) used in place of the Parmesan when you are making it. Lexi had a friend over that evening and after we all ate dinner, I put up the left-overs. They were in later and pigged out on the rest of the chicken. So, we will definitely keep this recipe.

3. Sausage, Broccoli & Noodles - Yuck! I ate a bowl of it but it will not be a keeper. I also had a hard time working with the turkey is a less firm sausage that you have to take out of the casing and it was just grossing me out.

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday.♥

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Friends Award

Deb at Posted from Home was so kind to pass me this Sweet Friends Award. Thanks so much Deb!
The rules of the award are to :
  • Copy the image
  • List 10 things that make you happy and try to do at least one of them today
  • Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day
  1. Lexi's bright shiny smile
  2. cuddling with my animals
  3. blogging
  4. taking pictures
  5. cooking (I can't believe how much I have been enjoying it!)
  6. my morning coffee with fat free hazelnut creamer
  7. reading magazines and books
  8. naps and/or just sleeping in a bit in the morning
  9. Peach tea
  10. chocolate

I'm not going to pass the award on to anyone as many aren't doing awards or tags anymore, but I want any of you feel free to take the award. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bird Watching Out My Kitchen Window....

Hubby (Alan) took these pictures. Aren't they great?!?!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu for Jan. 18 - 24 and Easy Chicken & Dumplings

Last weeks menu planning went really well. We all knew exactly what we were going to eat that night, which really takes the stress out of that evening meal. We ended up having leftovers one more night though, so the chili cheese dogs moved to this week. Look at how ambitious I am this week, three new recipes. You can visit I'm an Organizing Junkie for many more menu plans. (My blue hi-lited items below either link to a recipe or I have one posted below)
  • Monday - Chili cheese hot dogs w/chips (This may move again, as Lexi is out of school and we are going shopping in Oklahoma City...FUN!!!!)

  • Tuesday - Ham, Old-Bay Roasted Sweet Potatoes (new-recipe below), broccoli w/cheese

  • Wednesday - Parmesan Chicken Fingers (new), green beans, rice-a-roni

  • Thursday - leftovers

  • Friday - Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad, garlic bread

  • Saturday - Sausage, Broccoli & Noodles (new-recipe below)

  • Sunday - leftovers
Darn it....I ended up with my Chicken and Dumplings (from last week) picture in the wrong spot and I can't move it to the right place! The recipe is below.

Last weeks new recipe was Easy Chicken and Dumplings and it was a keeper (see picture above)! Many of you might already have this recipe and not even know it. It is in the Southern Living Jan. 2010 magazine. Very easy and delicious!

Hope you are all having a great Monday.

Friday, January 15, 2010

You're Never Alone & Easy Crockpot Chicken...

Lexi wasn't feeling quite up to par one day this past week, and ended up falling asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. When she woke up she felt great and here was the love surrounding her.

Also, several of you asked about my crockpot chicken recipe. Oh, like my new crockpot? Mine was about 30 years old and this beauty was one of my Christmas gifts. I took a picture right when I threw everything in to make my chicken. Anyway, back to the recipe. Lexi LOVES it so we have it quite often.
Easy Crockpot Chicken
* 1 small onion sliced in rings
* I buy the bags of frozen chicken breasts and use 3 - 4
* Chicken rub seasoning or any seasoning you want (or none at all)
* 1 can of cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup
* 1 package onion soup mix (I use generic brand)
* 1 can of water
Put the sliced onions on the bottom of the crockpot. Place the frozen chicken breasts on top of that. I sprinkle my seasoning mix on the chicken. Mix the can of soup, can of water and onion soup together and pour over the top. It only takes about 4 - 5 hours on low. If you want, you can thicken the broth with some flour or corn starch and it is great over noodles, rice or potatoes.
My Easy Chicken and Dumplings turned out great and I'll share that recipe on Monday's post, along with my menu for the week. Hope you have a great weekend. Lexi has her first basketball game....wish them well.♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Recipe Project....

With the start of the New Year, I have started trying weekly menus. Along with my weekly menu, I want to try a new recipe each week. It can be a main course, side dish, dessert, just anything new. I have a lot of recipes, from blogs, torn out of magazines and just written down. I took all my recipes out of the cabinet and put them in this clear container. I am going through each recipe, deciding if I think we would like it and if I would make it. If the answer is no, or questionable, it is tossed right then. The ones that look good are getting put in clear sleeves. If they are hand written, they are getting typed up. Then they will be put in the small purple binder. As we try them and like them, they get moved to the big binder in their appropriately labeled section. Through this I hope to gather many recipes we love, and not just eat the same things over and over. Lexi is excited to help menu plan each week too.

There is already a bunch of recipes that look good which have been put in sleeves and now into the purple binder. I plan on posting my weekly menus on Monday's and linking up with I'm An Organizing Junkie. I'll let you know what recipe is new, and after I make it that week, I'll let you know if it is a keeper that you might want to try.

My menu this week is:

  • Monday - Crockpot chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Tuesday - Macaroni and cheese with ham mixed in
  • Wednesday - Easy Chicken and Dumplings (New recipe)
  • Thursday - Chili Cheese hot dogs with chips
  • Friday - Tacos, Mexican rice and corn
  • Saturday - Pizza
  • Sunday - Leftovers or possibly another new recipe

With my (fairly recent) enjoyment of cooking, I think this is going to be a fun new challenge. I definitely hope to stick with it and hopefully by sharing it with all of you I will. Hope you are having a great day!♥

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jump -n- Jive at Southeastern State University....

On Saturday night the Jump-n-Jive team performed at Southeastern State University during the men's half-time of basketball. It was their first performance of the season, and usually it is pretty packed at the college games, but as you can see on the guest side there weren't very many people.

As always the girls were fun to watch. I tried to upload a video of one of Lexi's routines with four other girls but blogger wouldn't do it. So instead, here is a snippet of Lexi and a partner doing "The Wheel". They had been doing it for a while before Alan started filming but you can see a glimpse. You would think they would get tangled up but they don't.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Heart Salt Dough Ornie.....DUH.....

Gotta tell you my DUH story when I was trying to make these salt dough hearts. The recipe for salt dough is:
2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 cup warm water
Mix flour and salt together, then pour in water and knead into a soft dough. Hand mold or cut out shapes and bake at 325 degrees for about an hour.
Easy enough right???, and you know I have made them before.
I mixed up my ingredients and it was kind of liquid~y, so I kept adding more and more flour. Then I decided I must need to pick it up and start working with it (knowing that the last time Lexi & I made these, there wasn't this problem) and when I picked it up it was like my fingers were glued together. At that point, I decided I must need a bit more salt after adding all of that flour and the moment I sprinkled the salt into the mixture, I realized I had used sugar instead of salt for the whole thing......DUH!!!!!!!!

I had to start all over, but as you can see I managed to do it right the next time! Lexi has another Mini-Society coming up fast so we are going to paint these, and use Valentine words on them. Hopefully, everyone will buy them for friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends. I'll be sure to show you when we get them finished. Just had to to share my big DUH for yesterday though. Hope you all have a great weekend. Lexi will perform with her Jump-n-Jive group at Southeastern State University on Saturday night, and I hope to show you pictures on Monday.♥

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tangie Time....

Not too much going on here so I thought I would share some pictures of Tangie....pronounced Tan-gee. Our aloof, hard to photograph cat with a huge attitude! Don't bother her unless she wants you too or you might get bitten. Yep, as I said, HUGE attitude. She has calmed down considerably since we got Midnight, but that attitude still rears its' head from time to time.
Hope you all are having a great start to the New Year. We are trying to get back in the swing of things around here. You know Lexi always has something going on and we are back to her theater group, dance, Jump-n-Jive and basketball.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Soup Review, Midnight and Some Wii Fun....

I hope everyone is doing well after all of the holidays. I was asked about my Black Eyed Pea Soup and my review is that it is a keeper. I didn't have jalapeno black eyed peas and didn't put the jalapenos in my soup, but next time I will. We could have used more "bite" in it. It definitely needs to be made and refrigerated and served one to two days later for the flavors to blend. Can you tell I am still loving Picnik? You don't have to download anything and it is a lot of fun to play around with. Don't be scared, go and try it!
In the midst of taking down all of the Christmas decorations and cleaning everything, Midnight found her mouse!!! She is one happy kitty and has been playing away. She especially loves to put it under the trashcan and then try to get it back out. Too cute!

Also, this has been the look around the house since Christmas. Wii playing!! They are playing Super Mario Bros. and we also got Wii Sports Resort. I recommend both of them....they are fun! (Remember, you can click on any picture to enlarge)

Today we are back in the normal grove of things. Lexi went back to school and we are back on our non-holiday schedule. All of the Christmas decorations have been taken down and I feel calm and collected once again. Enjoy your Monday.♥