Friday, January 7, 2011

December Memories.....

Hey blogland friends.....I know I haven't kept my promise but I thought I would update you with our December memories.  Remember you can click to enlarge.  Below I'll label the pictures from top, left to right on each line.

1 & 2 - Lexi danced at a Christmas program in another town.
3 - Voice Lessons - vocal music concert.
4 - Choir Concert - school grades 6th through 12th 
5 - Decked out for her Middle School Winter Dance
6 - With her "group" of girlfriends at the dance
7 - Friends having fun.......being mannequins in store
8 - It's Midnight!!!!!
9 - Waiting for Trans-Siberian Orchestra to start.  We saw them twice in December!!  Once in Oklahoma City and then with friends in Dallas, Texas
10 - Skating with friends on Christmas night
11 - Our tradition of a Christmas Eve brunch
12 - Lexi's BIG present.....a piano keyboard
13 - Posing with our knives.  My Dad (second from right) made the knives and holders for each of us (left to right- me, my brother, my Dad, hubby Alan)
14 - Our Family - my brother, my Mom, my Dad, me, Alan and Lexi in front 

As you can see we have been busy, busy, BUSY!!!  It is absolutely wonderful though.  Below I am sharing a collage of Lexi and Landon.  They have also been keeping us busy!  Movies, skating, lunches and just roaming around.  Young love is just too sweet and Alan and I hope these two stay together for a while.  You couldn't ask for a sweeter, kinder boy!  Lexi has also been to church with him several times and we are going to go visit their church this Sunday.  
Several of you have told me your Facebook name and if I haven't friended you yet, it is because I can't seem to find you :(  I have been on Facebook and if you want to friend me there I am under Darlene Tipton Munkus.  I have been missing all of you and hope to be visiting you soon.♥